Why Did Comey’s Pen Cross the Paper?

Why did Comey write memos to document his private meetings with President Trump?

Simple, it’s called DAMAGE CONTROL! Comey knew his time was up as soon as Trump won the election. He had to cover his own backside by writing “memos”, which, more than likely, contain erroneous information.

Trump later told Comey he better hope there are no tapes of their private conversations. Why?

Because it would prove beyond anyone’s doubt that Comey lies.

Comey knew who paid for the fabricated dossier but elected not to tell President Trump. Why?

Because Comey was trying to keep the waters calm in hopes that he could sink the transgressions of his department, the DOJ, and the DNC even deeper into the corrupt abyss before they were discovered by a new administration who’s main goal was to ‘drain the swamp!’

So glad it has not worked out as Comey intended.

Comey’s actions are like bits of a puzzle and the more he talks the clearer the whole becomes. His ego really has taken over – he thinks he’s untouchably clever but I suspect he is much too self-centered to realize he is framing his own demise.


Freedom of Speech: The Invisible Individual Line

How many of us have read our employer’s Employee Handbook to discover a section specifically devoted to outline expected behaviors, or prohibited behaviors, of employees when representing the employer and/or conducting business on behalf of the employer, on or off company premises? I suspect nearly all of us have. This is not an uncommon requirement and in most professional arenas it is considered general knowledge.

The freedom of speech is an individual right indeed, but when should an employer intercede?

Fresno State’s response to Randa Jarra’s right to Freedom of Speech suggests that while her views and lack of tolerance, respect and/or manners are clearly contrary to their own, she does have the right to free speech. However, did she cross that invisible individual line of rights when she went beyond her personal views and used the university as a bulwark? By proclaiming her position at the university, her tenure, her salary, AND including her superior’s university email address, I believe she did.

Her statements directly involving her employment with Fresno University ultimately reduces the recent written response from the university to nothing but a spineless, feckless facade made solely in favor of political correctness – which, in and of itself, is an exhausted front.

In conclusion, Randa Jarra, from her employer’s platform and in her own written words, openly demonstrated disregard for her employer’s views and without a single care casted Fresno University in an unfavorable light. Thus, she most certainly should be held accountable for her actions while representing said employer.

Digress from Progress

Hot in the city? Is climate change to blame? Perhaps our increased temperatures are a result of the myriad black streets and lots made from tar and rock, concrete sidewalks, and buildings made of reflective glass that go as high as the sky! Solar panels that singe feathers off of birds mid flight, barren lands robbed of their trees, mountains carved down to their cores, river and lake beds left naked and cracked from over usage, and thousands of homes built in massive clusters. Ever notice how cool it gets when you leave a highly populated area and enter a forest or drive by a body of water or plush fields of green? We construct our own sufferings and then blame nature for our discomforts. Hmmmm 🤔

Pernicious Perennials

It is the crafty cultivators of society that are at the root of all these issues that are detrimentally altering our nation’s ideology. Rules and regulations may successfully deter some of the madness but the same cannot be applied to cure the insane, the inhumane. Pernicious seeds that are covertly planted in our societal fields are spoiling the bunch. Some of those seedlings grow into poisonous perennials bringing ruin to the fruitful lives of others… It begins with the cultural farmers of humanity who purposefully modify human mind crops with designs to resist, among other things but most importantly, compassion. These altered plant stems are devoid of humaneness and are made to resist all accountability. Unfortunately, they will continue to flourish like unkept weeds for so long as their communities allow them to do so.

She Said He Said

She said, “Things that make me smile…

Riding bareback wearing next to nothing just before sunset;

Reaching the highest peak to witness all the beauty three-hundred-sixty degrees above and below;

Blasting through white powder yelling, ‘ Last one down is a rotten egg!’

Hooking the shy one that would not bite all the ones that tried before;

The security of a heavy blanket that warms my toes but not my nose;

Singing like a rock star to my favorite songs;

Zooming in and out of clouds of bug dust, accelerating, to win – I must!

Rub-a-dub-dub, bubbles in my tub;

Watching the evening sun burn through the clouds as it melts into the horizon;

Soaking my naked body in Mother Nature’s sulfuric baths;

Peddling on a path under trees alongside a winding river;

Traversing unknown paths that lead to places I’ve never been;

Feeling the intense earth-rattling vibrations of a thunder strike;

Sipping iced tea on a front porch while the smell of forward rain takes me back;

Oil soaked knees and greasy fingers gained from working on a potential lean, mean, fine-tuned machine!

Swift in the white waters splashing, laughing, and cheerful hollers.”

And He said, “Things that make me happy… Your smiles.”

Spear the Sphere and Burst the Bubble

Collectively we have created this scenario, our world; a sphere that most cannot see beyond. We find our comforts here and make the best with what we have. We love what we can grasp. But, beyond that there exists a love so beautiful and magnificently grand. Our cognizance was not created to fully fathom its depths, for if it were – happiness here would be impossible.


You can’t burn the ashes of the charred. You can’t suck the juice from an unripe fruit. You can’t shave the hair off a skinned hide and you can’t peddle pedals with nothing to ride. You can’t track the ticks without a watch nor can you walk a slinky whose spring has sprung. Try rolling a ball that’s been rolled flat or adding a tit and subtracting a tat. Numb a skull that has no brain or silence a mute without a say. Twist a tongue that’s already tied or chip a truth with a lie. You can’t see colors in the dark but you can right the fright when you slash the f out of it. You can’t wiggle your tail feathers when your butt has been plucked or stand on solid ground when your world’s upside down. You can’t play with dough if it’s dried up and you cannot spend your stash and smoke it too. Nor can you eat Krazy glue like its Elmer’s and you most certainly cannot stick what is already stuck. Luck is only lucky with a Y and yet no one knows why. Chans plange and plans change but fate can never be arranged. Time tells when talking doesn’t and words deny what the eye spies. Can’t be known what isn’t learned and can’t be told what isn’t shared. You can tickle the ticklish but you can’t pickle the relish. You can thread the needle and needle the thread but you can’t take the t out of time, or the i, or the me either. You can derange and rearrange the strange like intoxicating the sober but you can’t take the drink out of drunk. You can even take the stink out of a skunk but, you cannot take the stank out of stunk or float a boat that has already sunk. You can’t be level if you’re listing or heeling if you’re not listening. Can’t wipe your feet on a mat that doesn’t welcome that and can’t make sense of that when it’s really this, or this when it’s really that. You cannot finish without an end any more than you can begin without a start or split hares when you only have one bunny, silly rabbit.