The Truth

The mind is riddled with social constructs and remains in a constant query searching for Truth. Only letting go of all we think we know will allow us to truly see the simplicity.

Eye of the Day

As we rapaciously press forward, determined to reach our goals that will make all of our dreams come true, we slowly but surely come into a collective state of numbness. Similar to but opposite of what the Buddha call Nirvana, a blissful state of detachment or no-thing-ness, we are submerged and drowning in a state of every-thing-ness, traveling further from what is true. Regardless of whether or not we stop to contemplate the very essence of our existence as one with everything, that does not cease it from actually existing.

Those who pick and choose draw lines when there are no lines. To remove the lines of distinction between this and that erases the black and white, and the gray; without defined boundaries all is transparent. Holding on to the finest of differences keeps us separate. To realize no differences is to acknowledge everything as one. The Truth simply is what it is. Having an opinion of it; to like or dislike it, is to agree or not to agree; is resisting the very essence of it – good or bad does not a difference make, it is still, simply the Truth.

Words cannot carry it. Language fails to describe its existence. The constructs of man are too limited, bounded by the confinements of inherited knowledge, to fathom such an enduring essence. It is the utmost basic, miniscule, foundation; more diminutive than physics. Yet it also engulfs the endless edges of all actuality. It is the reason behind question but without answer. People may think it but they don’t know it. People may seek it but they don’t find it. They rush to it but run over it. It is a gumption that’s never mustered, kept in a safe place for later but forgotten. Imagined but without design and misplaced but here all the time. To pursue understanding it, is to pass it by. It cannot be sought after or taught. For how can one search for, or learn of, what one already has or knows?


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