Words Do Not Make A Man

In the beginning when words were new and few, it was easy to believe the words that were spoken. Language was developed as a way to communicate with one another to help us work together better to create and develop ideas that not only benefited ourselves, but our neighbors as well. But as our communication skills progressed, so did our minds.

Clever are those who are keen at persuading you only with their words. Wise are those who listen but wait to observe the speaker’s actions that follow. Be especially wary of those figures in the public eye for their very livelihood depends upon their ability to lie.

We the people must recognize that words do not make a man, nor do they secure promises made. Nay, we must look beyond the influences of language and focus intently on deeds. Refusing to see how effortlessly a conniving person can use words to deceive the masses may ultimately lead to our downfall. Actions not words build trust. Per Confucius Book XII:7, “…[W]hen there is no trust, the common people will have nothing to stand on” (p. 828).


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