Trees and Rivers: A Sojourn in Animism

To gaze naively at your surroundings is like looking one again, through the eyes of a young child. A child, prior to the embedding of a particular culture consisting of social customs and taboos, is a soul in its present state with a perspectiveTrees and Rivers 2017-06-24 clear of civilized theories. Ideals that assume “… only humans have intelligent souls, and that the other animals, to say nothing of the trees and rivers, were created for no other reason than to serve mankind” (The Ecology of Magic by D. Abram); a view empty of such impressions allows the beholder to experience the natural phenomena, Animism.

Animism is the belief that natural objects, and the universe itself have souls and that the soul is the principle of life and health. Take time to smell the roses is more than a simple cliché; it is a ritual that should be practiced each and every day.

When we pause and allow ourselves time to bask in Mother Earth’s maternal embrace, we experience the gift of youthful sight. It is then, during those precious moments, that we remember how necessary our relation with nature truly is.



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