Freedom of Speech Unmuffled

Frustrated from conditional restraint,

Constitution says you are free but you ain’t.

What good are words for when no one listens?

The day our stand prevails our freedom glistens.

Emotions are free to flow through our veins,

Now in words our desires spread like flames.

Beware of the freedom and for what it entails,

Imminently your words may lead you to jails.

With purity of cause and rights of voice,

Peacefully we stand for the rights of choice.

“To get our rights we’ll have to shout” (Mandel)

Know your truth and let it out!

“A self which does not transcend itself is dead” (Boyle)

Choose your own direction and don’t be led.

Tomorrow’s path is still unknown,

Poets’ prose of past to us they have shown,

“Poetry is for the people and it should represent the people” (Boyle)

Therefore, summon upon the spitfire found deep in your essence,

Let your voice be heard for it solidifies your presence.


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