Wing-clipped and Caged

Do the pressures to comply with irrational traditions have you feeling a bit crazy? Watch “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. This film was most certainly adeptly written and directed to, in a nutshell, portray the absurdly, blatant hypocrisy of conformity and how the relentless obsession to be in the position of control can cause one to not only fly over the Cuckoo’s nest but directly into a thick pane of glass. This story is undoubtedly relevant toIndiana Roosterday. And for so long as we humans insist on having control and power over one another, manipulating or forcing upon the masses arbitrary rules of conformity, the story will remain relevant.

By voicing his own opinions, Randal Patrick Murphy frustrated his superiors. Due to his lack of willingness to conform to the flock and fly in an orderly fashion, he was labeled “belligerent”. He was sent for a mental evaluation simply because he “talked when not authorized, [had a] resentful attitude towards work and in general, [for being] lazy”. During his evaluation period he attempted to coexist with the set rules; he tried exercising his democratic rights that were granted, but to no avail. His sane trials of compromise repeatedly met unabated resistance. His continuous display of sanity devoid of obedience ultimately led to his mental demise. Those in control were unable to sway his mind into agreeable conformity. Rather than acknowledge their inability to control, they plundered his mind and irrevocably rendered him forever flightless.

The movie is a truthful predicative tale of how those who are self-willed can be wing-clipped, caged, and successfully suppressed in ways that are most detrimental to the human spirit. The sad fable even demonstrates that even democracy, at its simplest ideal, cannot be upheld if those in power disagree. The sane, which do not conform, can easily be deemed crazy or tagged dangerous; thus pigeonholed into a role of a person in need of help. What a sad realization it is to connect this entertaining Hollywood movie to the simple, basic plight of man’s ongoing desire to be individualistic and free.


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