It’s Going Down

The woman he speaks of is mysterious to him. He dresses her with things that he admires about her. She wears magic because she is intriguing to the point of having him under her spell. Her dragon for a button means she is not easily controlled or directed, not docile or manageable. While a lion for a lamp is not attire, it is descriptive of her bravery in paths she chooses, for like the King of the Jungle, she fears nothing. The carrot collar implies she lures him in with “something hoped for or promised”. And a salmon for a zipper, well… she obviously turns him on and at this point he may be referring to himself as he is anxious to swim – like a salmon – up her stream; because her zipper… IT’S GOING DOWN!

(Inspired by, and in reference to, written work by Richard Brautigan)


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