Pray not Prey

There are those who give freely and there are those who expect something in return. “You cannot prey upon someone whose well-being is in your heart” ~ Gary Zukav


Depression by Oppression

Cultural cures lure us to swallow and sedatingly suppress our tears we need – to shed – light on the basis of our fears that serve to alarm us. But instead we disarm us. For ward progress, essential to eternal regress, to remove all protest.

Depression by Oppression

Numbified and dumbified we have been successfully zombified without resistance, to a mere existence. With the apocalypse right behind us there remains no one sane left to find us.

Wake Up America!

Those who are ignorant of the past, choose to ignore the past, or wish to erase the past from our history are doomed to repeat it. We are already experiencing oppression of opinions, statues are being lynched, physical abuse is being rationalized… what comes next? Whips and chains? Today’s actions of prejudice are only bringing the past back into our present. What does our future hold if we do not rise above this madness? Another civil war perhaps? Wake up America! Our country was made to set us FREE. As countrymen we should respect each others’ differences and find a way to live in harmony as it was meant to be.

The Book, The Way, The Craft

The book of Hin the book of Du; the book of Mor, M, and On; the book of Chris with the last initial T, the book of Go and D; the way of T, A, and O; the way to Nirv and Ana; which craft is arc kraft, do you know’a ark? The weigh side or the rite side? Rot whey is not white? Pray I  “x” hell before the sleeper dubs me a good knight.

Her Own Groove

Rivers flow, winds blow, and mountains of sand move. Water banks shift, beaches shrink – the Earth has her own groove. But here we are with retaining walls, homes of stone and streets paved in concrete. Man-made canals and walls to damn because we think it’s our own land. With great convictions we invent restrictions to imprison her bountiful bodies. We happily wave her old currents goodbye as we create her new ebbs and tides, ones that used to flourish now only malnourish and we wonder why. Committed and convicted are her handlers who defeat all her damsel-like defenses. With dozers and dynamite they do their will under a falsified right; tearing, blasting, deconstructing and dividing with fences… his, hers, yours, and mine… taking, giving, raping, and selling – prostituting and looting her most valuable pieces. Like plaster on walls, we silence her pulsing beats with our seemingly prosperous feats.